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Becoming A CEO, Baker's Edition


Becoming a CEO, Bakery Edition — is a full course on how to start an at home baking and cake decorating business.

A full course with several modules and videos to help you turn your passion into a profitable business. You will learn:

-Legality of getting started

-Properly pricing your work



-Policies & Contracts

You’ll also receive a copy of I Heart Cakes By Yari’s very own Cake Guides for celebrations and weddings along with a contract template to protect your business.

As a BONUS you’ll receive a copy of Yari’s ebook of recipes SWEET & SIMPLE.

Don’t miss out!


Need a recipe book? We've got you covered! Only $7 and you'll have access to the recipes that

I HEART CAKES BY YARI uses in their business every day ! Click  below to access it!